Free and Cheap: Fleur de Lis Door on the Side of the Road


As you know if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, I’ve recently become enthralled and obsessed with the rebuilding of New Orleans.

So it was with some excitement, in my previous Southern California neighborhood, that I came across this door left by a neighbor on the side of the street.

As I drove by, the morning sun glinted through the orange, green, blue and yellow of the fleur-de-lis stained glass. I backed up, got out, did an inspection and called my husband: “Can you bring your truck to pick this up?”

He said: “Do you think you need to stay and guard it?”

Of course! This was too good. Bill was amazed at the solidness of the tight-grain fir of the door. It’s heavy. Bill said they don’t make doors like this anymore. And we got the door framing to boot.

At home, I researched the fleur-de-lis symbol, which you see everywhere in New Orleans and which has become a symbol of the rebuild.

The symbol is found all over Europe, especially in France, Spain, Scotland and Germany, and in the United States in southern Louisiana cities such as Lafayette and Baton Rouge, as well as New Orleans.

Where I will use the door, I’m not yet sure. It’s only 30 inches wide, six inches too narrow to replace any of my exterior doors. But I just realized it’s the perfect width to replace the door from the hallway into my bathroom, where I’d like to get more natural light. Can I imagine myself soaking in a tub while the morning sun from the living room lights up this window? Oh, yeah! I can see it.