Free trees for L.A. DWP customers

OaktreeposterWe’ve got to hand it to our ancestors, whose house-cooling strategies we’re only now beginning to appreciate: straw-bale and rammed-earth walls, sod roofs, cool cellars, even covered porches. Did you know there are straw-bale houses in this country that are more than 100 years old?

Planting shade trees is another old-timey air-cooling strategy that needs to make a comeback. And to help that along, the L.A Department of Water and Power is offering free trees to its customers. The program is called Trees for a Green L.A.

To get your free trees delivered to your home, DWP says, "you must first learn how to properly plan for, plant and protect your new trees through our workshop." And there is a 20-minute online workshop for you to complete, and a short test.

Available trees include sycamore, alder, camphor, magnolia, coast live oak, fruitless olive and many more.

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