From Boring Patio to Tropical Delight . . . and on a Budget

After the makeover

After the makeover

Before the makeover

Before the makeover

You may have seen the delightful sunroom above if you read Home magazine, where this picture appeared on the cover.

If not, I’d like to introduce you to this wonderfully economic makeover.

The house is in Miami Lakes, Fla., and is owned by interior stylist Maria Fernanda Molinari and her husband, Rafael R. Lopez.

You can see the room after (top photo) and before (bottom photo).

When the couple bought the house, this space was little more than a bland covered patio with a tile floor.

After the transformation, the space exudes an exotic classiness, yet done on a budget. Of particular note:

• The seating platforms are simply plywood boxes topped with bed mattresses. Isn’t that so amazing? You have places to sit, with the side tables
built in, and also places for guests to sleep if necessary.

• Also, note the coffee table. It is likewise made of plywood covered with seagrass mats on the sides.

Where the money went for platforms and coffee table:

Plywood and molding used to make daybeds and coffee table — $232

Wood stain — $30

Twin mattresses — $110

Slipcover fabric — $70

Seagrass mat (inset on coffee table) — $1