From the Why Don’t More People Do This Department — The Natural Backsplash

Natural backsplash

Natural Backsplash in AustinIf you want to bring natural light into a kitchen, you’ve usually got to sacrifice some upper cabinets. Typically, kitchens have one window: above the sink. And if you’re really daring, you can put in a skylight. But if you’re addicted to natural light, as I am, you look for other ways.

This kitchen, by CG&S Design-Build in Austin, found another place for natural light: in the backsplash area. And why not? Why does a backsplash have to be tile or stone?

Now some folks might worry about privacy issues. You’re obviously not going to put a tiny mini blind or curtain along there. So I can understand the concern if you need to have you house completely privatized at night.

But if your kitchen wall faces a private back or side yard or courtyard or if you’re just not that worried about people peeking into your kitchen, this could be an option. And you even choose glass block to get the glow of natural light if not the views. Another idea: a mirrored backsplash to reflect natural light from other parts in the room.

This kitchen was part of the 7th Annual Austin NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) Tour of Remodeled Home in December.

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1 Comment on From the Why Don’t More People Do This Department — The Natural Backsplash

  1. Lanny Danenberg

    This is a beautiful space and a clever idea for bringing more light in to dance on the countertop and allow the cook to look outside! I appreciate the neutral colors and clean look of this kitchen. I am a big fan of contemporary design.