Furniture and fixtures for fat folks

1518_84395_mm I know, I know. The headline I put on this post is offensive. But as I was at one time a fat folk — topping 275 pounds — and have been maintaining a 100-pound weight loss through a food plan and exercise for more than 20 years, I guess I give myself a little leeway.

Still, I'm not sure how I feel about these items made for obese people. Is this what they call enabling?

It makes total sense, though, to have a toilet seat that fits a big rump. And a chair that won't collapse. Because let me tell you from my own experience: it's hard enough to be obese without the furniture around you giving out. 

The company that sells these items is called Brylane Home and other offerings include larger dining room chairs with wider chair cushions, a sturdy step stool, an 800-pound-limit folding chair and larger hangers to hold wider garments.

See the whole collection here. (My only gripe is that the company uses normal-sized people to demonstrate the products. I don't suppose they'd have much trouble finding plus-size people to do that job.)

The more I think about this concept, the more I see the beauty in it. We need to love one another, no matter our size.

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  1. Kathlene Carney

    I think this is great! I too have battled weight issues my whole life and know that when it’s up and I’m feeling lousy, I’d appreciate a little comfort from the furnishings in my own home. Bravo!