GE Dishwasher Recall: Attack of the liquid rinse aid

GelogoIf you bought a GE diswasher of a certain model between 1997 and 2001, and you are a fan of liquid rinse aid, you may have a problem. According to GE:

In the affected models, the rinse aid can degrade the insulation on the wiring inside the door, which can cause an electrical short, overheating or fire if the wire comes in contact with the metal door. You should stop using these dishwashers immediately until you obtain more information.

GE has received 135 reports of overheated wiring and 56 reports of property damage, including 12 reports of fires that escaped the dishwasher. Fire damage was limited to the dishwasher or the adjacent area. No injuries have been reported.

If have one these, and you use liquid rinse aid, you can get a free service call to get it fixed. Woo hoo! No hauling your appliance to the shop in the minivan! Or, you can get up to $300 toward a new GE dishwasher. Um, how about $300 toward a different brand? No mention of that offer.

To be sure about all this, check out the FAQ.