Good news for students: Green modular classrooms

Iguana_2Some students may be breathing easier soon if their school districts purchase “green” modular classrooms from Perris-based Modtech. The green label means the buildings are healthier for the planet as well as the students and teachers who will spend their days inside them.

IguanainsideFor instance, these buildings use formaldehyde-free adhesives, have more natural light from tubular skylights, and have natural linoleum.

Here are some green features:

• 4-inch rigid insulation on roof
FSC-certified plywood
• Formaldehyde-free batt insulation
Energy Star-rated cool-roof membrane
Green Label Plus-rated carpet tile
• VOC-free Forbo marmoleum linoleum
• Ventilation controller to monitor and reduce C02 levels
• Duct insulation to reduce HVAC noise
• Tubular skylights to reduce need for artificial daytime lighting
• High recycled-content 6-inch metal studs, or 2-by-6 wood studs

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