Got a stinky room? You could win ,000 and 50 gallons of odor-eating paint

Stinky old paneling and wallpaper Do you have a room that stinks? If so, I suggest you do the following:

Step 1 — Identify what stinks

Step 2 — Get rid of it

The stinky thing could be dirty socks. A mold problem. A dirty ashtray. A cat box. A dirty dog. (Well, don't get rid of the dog. But give the poor thing a bath!)

Don't ever, ever, ever try to mask the odor with so-called "air fresheners." I mean, why ingest more toxins trying to mask other potential toxins?

If the first two steps don't appeal to you, here is another idea: Coat your walls with Dutch Boy Refresh paint, which uses the technology of Arm & Hammer baking soda to absorb odors. Yep, the baking soda that absorbs odors in your refrigerator will now absorb odors in your room.

However, the paint will not absorb odors forever; eventually its ability to do that will lessen. The good news is that, according to the company, the odors will never be released back into the room, no matter how much you scrub the walls, if you happen to be a wall scrubber.

If you do have a stinky room, and you'd like to enter it into a contest, you could win $5,000 and 50 gallons of this high-tech paint. The stinky room you see above is one that's entered in the contest.

Can you top this? Chick here to enter the contest and to vote on other stinky rooms.