Got pails of paint?

Kb_158If you’re a serial remodeler, you’ve likely got half-full cans of latex paint around house. What to do with it? CNN reports on two cities, San Francisco and Miami, who take in extra latex paint, mix like colors together, and give it away.

Here’s another idea, from Santa Monica decorator (and my friend) Kitty Bartholomew: paint a canvas floor cloth for your hallway or kitchen with the colors you’ve used in your home.

Think about it: if the canvas includes all the colors you’ve used, it will blend with your home.

Here’s how: Buy a roll of pre-primed canvas at the art store, cut a piece the length you want, then fold under a 1-inch hem all around and glue it flat with white glue. P4270026_2Paint the top of your hemmed canvas with several coats of gesso to stiffen it up. When it’s dry, use a straight edge and pencil to indicate stripes of various widths. Then, paint stripes using your various leftover colors. When the paint is dry, make heavy lines between the stripes with a black marker. And finally, give the canvas many light coats of non-yellowing polyurethane, letting each dry thoroughly.

Or, if you’re more artistic, give your floor canvas a flair like the artwork (right) I saw in a San Luis Obispo home (doggie not included).

Any more uses for leftover paint?

(Photo of hallway: Sharon Cavanagh)