Got plans, need contractor

Julia and Mark are planning a remodel but are missing one critical piece of the puzzle: a good contractor. Here’s what they wrote:

We live at the top of Beachwood Canyon in a cantilevered home circa 1955 and plan to add a second story, go green, add a roof garden, etc. We are not interested in staying modern but want more of a traditional look inside with some whimsy. We have a designer we like and have just submitted our plans to the permit queue. Now we need to hire a contractor. We wondered if you have anyone you’d highly recommend?

Any suggestions for them? Please post below.

2 Comments on Got plans, need contractor

  1. Peggy Olearczuk

    I’d highly recommend Bethanis, inc. General Contractors (818-842-2300). We’re thrilled with the expert job they’ve done remodeling our vintage house. Mark’s team shows up on time every day and does meticulous work, and Mark himself is extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and keeps everything moving along on time and on budget.
    Since Bethanis, inc. specializes in restoring vintage homes, I think they’d be a perfect fit for the project you have in mind, especially the mix of traditional, whimsical, and green that you’re looking for.
    Good luck with your house!

  2. riley

    I suggest you pass-on your modern home to another family. There is a huge market for Mid-Century Modern homes. And the style is a good example of green architecture.
    True green is making a small footprint. Most modern homes are designed to take advantage of the site and space.They usually incorporate breezeways, courtyards, clerestory windows… and work well with Mother Nature. You can still incorporate a living roof, solar panels, wind turbine, and an alternative waterheater source to reduce your impact on the earth.
    You don’t have ot build a McMansion like the Joneses — in fact that is so passé. There is so much more we will learn when the new Democrat administration is in place and we all will judge our “things” in a different way.
    There are many vintage as well as newly built traditional style homes on the market. If they are your passion, visit the multitude of open houses and take your pick.