Got this grout sealer? Beware . . .

GroutThis is kind of an old story: Stand ‘n Seal grout sealer was found to be dangerous and was recalled in 2005.

But this is just the kind of home-improvement product you would have in your garage or under your sink for years and not even realize the use of it could put you in the hospital.

As the New York Times reported, at least 80 people have been sickened by this product, two of them fatally.

The article is not so much about this product in particular but about how difficult it is for the Consumer Products Safety Commission to get dangerous products pulled off shelves. And when it does issue a recall, it’s easy for all of us to miss it.

To be proactive, check the CPSC recall page often.

Here are some recently recalled home-oriented items:

P3 International Recalls IonizAir™ Air Purifiers Due to Risk of Fire
CKI Recalls Children’s Decorating Sets Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard; Sold Exclusively at Toys “R” Us
Honeywell Recalls Gas Valves Used in Decorative Fireplaces and Stoves Due To Burn Hazard

Photo courtesy of New York Times

2 Comments on Got this grout sealer? Beware . . .

  1. dave

    Use this cleaner . It cleans and seals at the same time so you don’t have to clean again. ever

  2. Nell Liquorman

    It is important to have your eyes wide open when you read accounts such as this. It reflects just how powerful the chemical giants and their lobbyist really are.
    There are many risky chemicals used in daily life. Read the label. While many can be classified as inert, they may still be unsafe. If there is a direction for disposing of the empty container, it speaks volumns about just how toxic the product is!
    The day has come when consumers must protect themselves. We are getting so little help from government groups. I beg the media to do all that they can, after all, they too are the public.