Greening Pasadena bungalow on a budget

PasadenasolarroofWorking with limited funds, Donna Sider was able to green up her Pasadena Craftsman bungalow, as was reported this week in the L.A. Times.

Snider’s investments include:

$6,250 — photovoltaic system (pictured, including $6,400 in rebates)
$500 — tankless water heater
$500 — Energy Star refrigerator (including $150 rebate)
$770 — cotton attic insulation (including $130 rebate)
$2,500 — replacing eight leaky louvered windows with energy-efficient, dual-pane windows

(Costs are approximate)

Greening a house makes it more comfortable and environmentally friendly, and saves money. Snider says she once paid $200 every two months for water and power, and now pays about $40 for the same period.

Check out this page for resources and rebate information.

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2 Comments on Greening Pasadena bungalow on a budget

  1. Kathy Price-Robinson

    Rock on, Sheila!

  2. sheila

    a glance at her utility bill shows why LADWP is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build more transmission lines (across beautiful, fragile, and protected desert wildlands) which may (or more likely, may not) transmit some small amount of “green power” from speculative, unbuilt “renewables” plants rather than spending the money on solar rebates for individuals!! so, no reduction in bills, plus, they charge more for “green power” so in the post “green path” LA, DWP makes more money, has more control over us and doesn’t actually have to do anything “green” at all.
    DWP keeps gabbling about how there is no way we could reduce 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions by using sustainable (local) power and green building codes, but this article, like so many others, proves how wrong they are. she doesn’t even use half the power her tiny system generates. because of conservation. another topic LADWP pays lip service to, but doesn’t really want to see.
    the whole thing’s a scam. we gotta get the word out that the only thing green about “green path” is the money that will line the pockets of the DWP and its contract buddies. the planet and ratepayers will all suffer. PUSH them for massive solar rebates like the city of Pasadena offers, for strict green building codes and for more aggressive conservation, and tell them you don’t want more wasteful, expensive and destructive transmission!!