Have Wheelchair, Will Roll … in the Bathroom

Accessible Bath Sink

As you can see in this article I wrote for Remodeling Magazine, a bathroom can be both standard and then accessible for wheelchair users when they visit.

When architect Emory Baldwin designed a Seattle house for his family, he thought of all this. Though his family is young and able-bodied, he also has visiting inlaws — who may one day move in — who need an accessible environment. Imagine using a wheelchair and not being able to roll up to the sink? What a hassle.

In fact, Emory designed the entire ground floor for wheelchair accessibility.

So when the wheelchair-using relative visits, the vanity cabinet rolls out of the way on its lockable casters. The house won an AARP/NAHB Livable Communities Award for its intergenerational focus.

Well played, Mr. Baldwin!

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9 Comments on Have Wheelchair, Will Roll … in the Bathroom

  1. Abel Brion

    Interior design of bathroom is awesome.The floor is seems comfortable for wheelchair users, they can move easily here.

  2. Marble Kitchen Countertops

    That is thinking out of the box. Great idea it is.

  3. Mr. Miramar

    My 87 year old grand-mother came spend the spring with us last spring, and she had a hard time using the restroom. Its always good to keep this in mind when building your house or renovating your bathroom.

  4. man and van south west London

    Beautiful bathroom, I want one of those bathrooms for my home

  5. Jeff Wuensch

    Nice article Kathy, as an Certified Aging in Place Specialist I know the concerns of the aging population in our country. They want to stay in there homes as long as physically possible and being proactive in planning a bathroom, kitchen or new house is very important.

  6. Scott Rajavuori

    Now THAT’S thinking ahead!

  7. Matt Cicanese

    Very nice! It has been a popular trend lately to build houses to be accessible. One thing to keep in mind for the roll in tubs with doors is the water heater size and time it takes to fill. They can take 20 minutes to fill and older folks can get cold easily.

  8. Stevia A

    There is no matter of concern, the design is really very beautiful of this bathroom. The color of floor is captivating and finishing seems comfortable for wheelchair users, they can move easily here.

  9. Titus Contracting

    That’s awesome he thought ahead like that!