Having fun in an RRP lead-safety class? Is that even legal?

Americorp RRPAs anyone who has taken the 8-hour lead-safety class to become an EPA RRP Certified Renovator knows, the material can be quite dry.

Of course, New Orleans-based trainer Bill Robinson tries to bring a little life into his classes. After all, he wants his students to remain awake and aware and to pass the test at the end of the day. And as most of his students are contractors, and he enjoys being around other contractors, so he’s generally in a pretty good mood.

Still, Bill can’t take credit for the fun these students had in one of his recent classes. This was an enormous class, about 35 students, and the largest allowed by the EPA RRP certification process. Bill had to hire four assistants to help with the hands-on portion of the class.

These young people work with AmeriCorps and will be traveling all around the country to supervise crews doing weatherization and other good works.

As you can see from this photo, the students were having a lot of fun. Now don’t take this wrong. They were excellent and serious students. In fact, a number of them got perfect scores on the test at the end of the day. And it’s not an easy test.

But as the hands-on portion of the class was wrapping up, some of the students who finished early wanted to get a portrait of themselves to remember the day.

So, here’s proof. An RRP class doesn’t have to boring!

If you have a group that needs RRP certification, give Bill Robinson a call at (805) 797-4127 or email him at bill@train2build.com. His website is Train2Rebuild.com.