Hip Architecture: Are the Inhabitants Happy?

I try not to be too overtly negative when discussing “hip” architecture. I don’t want to bring bad karma onto myself in berating the efforts of other good souls, however misguided I believe those efforts are.

So imagine my delight when a website emerges that goes all out and puts words to my thoughts! I’m referring to Unhappy Hipsters (slogan: It’s Lonely in the Modern World), which shows photos of stark, bleak, uncomfortable-looking and oh-so-hip architecture and adds snarky captions. Here’s one from Dwell magazine:

And the caption: It became their routine. And so the evenings stretched out before him: still, gray, and gravel-strewn.

(Photo: Dean Kaufman; Dwell, November 2006)

And another:

Dwell The caption: So focused on erecting a structure that would be impervious to atmospheric whims, he’d forgotten the obvious: an exit.

(Photo: John Clarke; Dwell, April/May 2005)

And one more, also from Dwell, the magazine that keeps on giving:

And the caption: The stale smell of disappointment permeated the room.


(Photo: Christopher Sturman; Dwell, November 2009)

Please, stop me before I download the whole website. Thank you, Unhappy Hipsters, for all that you do!