Hiring subcontractors? Bernie has some advice

Bernieplastic_2When Bernie and Val Van De Yacht wanted to gut and remodel their small North Hollywood kitchen for $15,000, they decided to forego the expense of a general contractor and hire subcontractors directly to do the various jobs: demolition, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, drywall, masonry, countertops and flooring.

With his persistent personality, Bernie (pictured) excelled at one particular task: getting the subs there on time. In any job, that is the trick. How do you get these various tradespeople who are juggling multiple jobs all over town to show up at the exact moment you need them?

A survey of professional remodelers shows that getting subs to the job on time, even for pros, takes effort.

During his remodel, Bernie perfected a three-stage phone calling strategy: A week in advance, he called each sub with a “soft warning,” then a “firm warning,” and finally, a day or so before they were needed, a “solid warning.”

QUESTION: Have you been able to get subs to your house on time? How?

(Photo: MYUNG J. CHUN / Los Angeles Times)