His and Hers Bathrooms

Are women and men really so different?

The marketers for Manhattan West, a condo development in Las Vegas, seem to think so. As was reported on the Inman News blog, Manhattan West was offering his and hers units.

The Diva series includes a jetted bathtub with temperature hold, which maintains the water temperature for the length of the bath (I need this), an electrical socket in the back of the vanity drawer for hairdryers and curling irons, extending magnified makeup mirror with day/night lighting, and an iPod speaker dock.

The M series for men includes a ceiling mounted HDTV projector for an 8- to 10-foot screen and a built-in and stocked wet bar. What more do you need? Oh, yeah, two dishwashers so dishes never have to touch a cupboard, just transfer from dishwasher to use to the other dishwasher.

Her Bathroom

But before that, some were already onto this boy-girl thing. Pictured here are two Northridge, California, bathrooms created by architect/contractor John Sofio for Lucy Deny-Gardner and her husband Craig Gardner. When the couple couldn’t agree on a style for their master bathroom, they decided to create two bathrooms.

Lucy wanted a light, feminine space with buttery yellow walls, birch cabinets, a limestone counter, travertine floor, and steam shower. Craig wanted his bathroom to look like an upscale locker room, with industrial white walls, black marble counter, metal lockers, and a floor drain.

There is a downside, Lucy said: “I’ve ended up spending more time in the bathroom than I ever did before.”