Hollywood Hills Tower — How’s That Remodel Working Out?

Kathy's Remodeling BlogI like contacting past subjects of Pardon Our Dust, my remodeling series in the L.A. Times, and asking them: Hey, how’s it going?

Typically I see a house shortly after a remodel is finished when the people are thrilled with the project. After all, most of the time they have contacted me, suggesting their own home for the series (and this is my favorite way to find my projects). So there’s a fair amount of glee all around.

But after a remodel has been lived with for a year or two, some weaknesses are bound to emerge. And some joys more fully appreciated.

So with the launch of this “How’s that remodel working out?” series, I bring you comments from some of my favorite POD features to help you with your own plans.

The first responses come from Trish Cohen in the Hollywood Hills. I wrote about the tower she built with her husband, music attorney Martin Cohen, who has since passed away. Martin had owned the several-acre property for decades, but it was not until Trish entered the scene that the house started to take on a graceful beauty.

The remodel I wrote about was a two-story tower, which was built off the master bedroom. The bottom of the tower functions as a large closet, with a spiral staircase leading to the second floor of the tower, which is an exercise room overlooking the bedroom.

I asked Trish: What is the best thing about the tower? What do you wish you’d done differently? Here’s what she said:

The best thing about the tower is its look. I live in a relatively small farmhouse and the tower has given it a Tuscan look. As the tower was built to accommodate a closet, I’ve certainly made good use of it and I have plenty of room now for my clothes. The upstairs part of the tower is used as an exercise room and I use it a lot and really enjoy being up there on the treadmill looking out over the hills of Hollywood.

My only regret, other than losing my husband, is the fact that we didn’t put a hidden ironing board into the closet, a safe, more shoe racks and a center piece with drawers. I have since put in another shoe rack and the center piece.

Thanks, Trish!

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