Honey, Who Put the 90-foot Power Pole in Front of Our House?

Power pole

The new urban forest.

So imagine this: One day you look out your front window and see a gleaming 90-foot power pole in front of your house that was not there before.

You’re shocked because you had no notice or warning from the power company, Edison. And that’s because Edison has the right of way and is not required to give you notice, according to an article in the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

This house is in Lakewood, on the northeast corner of Palo Verde Avenue and Centralia Street, in front of Bill and Shelby Ranson’s home of 15 years. An older, shorter, wooden pole on the corner is not an eyesore to them. But this one, right in front of their home, is not setting well with them. They are livid and want the pole removed. Edison says it’s for the greater good.

The Ransons know getting the pole removed is a long shot, and Bill is quoted in the story as saying: “We’re humble, little ant-like people going up against this huge, mega-corporation. We don’t want to mess with them, but what happened wasn’t right.”

What if a pole like this landed in front of your house? Would you fight it? Or accept it?

(Photo: Long Beach Press-Telegram)

2 Comments on Honey, Who Put the 90-foot Power Pole in Front of Our House?

  1. Hoot

    How many of those monster poles sit in front of the homes of Edison executives? The phrase “greater good” is often used by those who don’t have to suffer for the greater good.

  2. sheila

    Most people in CA are in for a big, unpleasant surprise like this one or much worse. Both the Feds and the state have passed legislation making the entire SoCal region one big eminent domain/total destruction zone in favor of Big energy. The Energy Policy Act of 2005, written in secret by Enron and other Cheney cronies, takes federal pre-emption if local and state authorities don’t immediately bow down to utility requests for new projects/lines. The state, instead of figting this total gutting of the 10th amendment, has become a “cooperating agency” and our legislators’ masters (Big Energy) have put together a group called CEERT, which is overseeing the RETI “transmission siting” process to add THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF MILES of new high voltage transmission lines through all our wilderness, then our neighborhoods.
    Tens of thousands of Californians will lose their home via eminent domain or have their property value completely destroyed by the hideous blight these projects (wind and solar “farms” and gigantic power towers) bring. Our electric rates will skyrocket and it will all be done on our taxpayer dime via super-cheap leases of taxpayer-owned wilderness (thanks BLM!) and subsidies to Big Energy.
    They are terrified that we might become energy independent because residential solar/wind are feasible and would be affordable if we caught on that all our resources are flowing to the energy companies, and if we demanded to see benefits from our taxes and elected officials. We are in a race against time because once the utilities get all their wilderness-killing projects and giant powerlines built, we will all be completely hijacked, just like with gas prices.
    The ONLY way around this disastrous future is to insist that utilities are NOT running our energy policy, that WE start seeing subsidies, tax breaks and power buybacks for our own systems, and that our wilderness is preserved. win/win/win.
    LA residents can start by contacting the City Council, which is in a position to stop LADWP’s extremely destructive “Green Path North” project, and demand that the hundreds and hundreds of millions of their dollars be diverted back to a boost in residential PV/wind programs. State reps are next, where we can demand power buyback programs like Germany’s, which make PV extremely affordable. State reps also need to make low-interest loans available to us which are paid back through the property tax assessments, which makes payments 100% tax deductible and amortizes them across 10-25 years, so PV is affordable for all of us.