Hot Enough for Ya? Here’s a Little Visual Relief

Swimming pools don’t seem as popular as they once were. Maybe it’s the $40,000 to $80,000 or higher price tag?

But how about looking at a photo of a pool? That I can afford. And color studies have shown that we are tremendously affected by the colors we observe. Blues and greens make us feel cooler, while oranges and reds make us feel warmer.

So in honor of today’ scorching temperatures, I present you with the pool in the Los Olivos, Calif., backyard of Michelle Griffoul and Michael Byrne. I feel cooler just looking at this, and I welcome you to use it as a screen saver.


And no, those aren’t real stingrays, but ceramic tiles that Michelle made (she’s a tile designer and manufacturer) and embedded in the bottom, along with other ceramic critters. If Michelle is not traveling, I’ll bet money she’s in this pool today.

And here are some more of Michelle’s creations: