Hot or Not Hot? Giant Wall Stencils

Giant Wall Stencils
The New York Times had a pretty good concept for a series: Remake five rooms around the city for $300 each. In these times of job losses and declining prosperity, $300 is still a lot of money but not too much.

In a living room on Long Island, $250 of the budget was eaten up when a set designer stenciled an oversized pattern on the wall “to give the room personality,” the story said.

Is it just me, or do these stenciled patterns look a little startling? A little jarring? Or is this look trendy?

We saw similar stencils on this blog previously, in David Kean’s Los Angeles loft. I thought that project was much more subtle and elegant with metallic painted walls and burnt umber accents. See it here.

(Photo: New York Times)


2 Comments on Hot or Not Hot? Giant Wall Stencils

  1. Tim

    Not a good idea. If they’re going to be that large and that many, it would have been better to have gone with a color that was closer to the wall color.
    And the room still looks like a tunnel. He should have at least turned the couch around to make a seating area.

  2. Dean