Hot or Not Hot? Smoke Alarms That Look Like Insects

Insect smoke alarmMaybe it’s because I now live in the Deep South, where we’ve just entered mosquito and Formosan termite swarming season, but I have a slight aversion to insects.

Oh, I respect them. I revere them, actually, as our ecosystems rely on their steady work. And there are way more of them that there are of us. But I do wish to keep them out of my living area, all things considered.

So when I saw these new smoke alarms by Jalo Helsinki shaped like a big flying insect, I wondered: Is that really a good idea?

On the plus side, they are really cute, with nice colors and snazzy designs. And the manufacturer’s website says they are fun for kid’s rooms.

Actually anything that can encourage us to install life-saving smoke alarms is a very good thing indeed. But is this the answer?

What do you think?