New Orleans House Paint Colors: Yellow, White, Rust, Blue

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I love everything about this new paint job. The yellow exterior and fancy corbels are bright and cheery. Wouldn’t it be nice if all paint stayed looking as fresh as when it was new? Dreaming.

Then, the white in-between the slats of siding sets them off nicely. The red/rust shutters and door screens pop nicely. And of course, we must have a blue porch ceiling. This is a nice house to come home to.

Exterior side and corbels: Buttery yellow
Trim: White
Shutters and screen door frames and other details: Red/rust
Porch ceiling: Periwinkle blue

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5 Comments on New Orleans House Paint Colors: Yellow, White, Rust, Blue

  1. joe

    The paint has a very nice sophisticated look with a style yet in this day, This truly stands out in many ways, This is very pretty

  2. Al

    The side and porch ceiling colors are so bright and cheery. I hadn’t even thought about doing contrasting colors like that on the porch.

  3. Remodeling in Raleigh, NC

    These colors are awesome inspiration for my next project. I’ve always loved New Orleans and its culture and people. When I saw the colors used for this exterior remodel, I immediately smelled sea air and could hear a faint sax:-)

  4. Anita Clark

    I love that many homes in New Orleans are painted non-traditionally and really stand out from the crowd. Thanks for a great reminder of my last trip down there, Kathy!

  5. Sam Peri

    That’s a great paint job! It looks elegant and full of life. A good combination of paint will really turn-out pretty amazing!:-D