How I Helped My Parents Remodel Their Kitchen — Part 2


Sean here. We are almost done with my parents’ three-month kitchen remodel. That’s a long time for people to be without a kitchen. It’s been hard on my mom.

What made it more challenging is that we (mostly me) decided to put new flooring in the kitchen, living room and adjacent family room. While the new flooring is top-of-the line limestone, and will look awesome, it’s been tough to have the whole living area under construction. For months now, my parents have been holed up in their bedroom. Another idea would have been to do the living room and family room flooring at different times so they would have one or another of the rooms to use. But, that probably wouldn’t have worked because after this experience, I doubt my parents will do any more major remodeling.

But, back to the new kitchen. You can see the cherry cabinets set into place. They will be topped with a beautiful sage green granite. Again, I pushed my parents into that as they would have gone for a more sedate Venetian gold granite.


We decided to have custom cabinets built because the prices at the big box stores were fairly high, and they would only be able to use stock sized cabinets — either 18, 24, 30 or 36 inches — and would have to use spacers to fill in any gaps. I didn’t want that. We got a great bid from a custom cabinet shop and went with that.

We had a bit of a glitch with the limestone floors.

As it turned out, the subfloor was really uneven. It had to be leveled out with concrete or the new tiles would have cracked. The concrete filler was very thick in places. After the limestone tiles were laid and then sealed, we started to notice some murkiness underneath the sealer. It seems there was so much moisture in the new concrete that it didn’t dry enough by the time the tile was sealed. So the tile guy came back and removed the sealer. The plan is to let the tile breathe and dry out for a few weeks or months, allowing the remodel to continue and my parents to move back into their space, and then reseal it at a later date.

Once the new cabinets were in place, my mom could have started putting things into cabinets and drawers. All of this has been sitting outside, covered up, for a couple of months. But my mom doesn’t want to move anything back into her new kitchen unless she can wash it off first. And as we didn’t have the new sink hooked up when the cabinets were first installed, she could not do that.

In the final installment next week, I’ll show you the finished kitchen and give you a list of costs. At first my parents were really into getting deals on everything. But as they grew weary of the process, they took the attitude to do whatever it takes to get this over with, no matter the cost. My mom is loving how the new kitchen is turning out, and she’s more than ready for it to be done.


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  1. Sienna

    You’ve worked so hard on this project! Great Job. The kitchen looks so awesome. I hope your parents enjoy it for many, many years.