How I Helped My Parents Remodel Their Kitchen — Part 4


Sean here for the final post. Here is the finished kitchen, minus the backsplash, which I’m sure will add a lot of color and interest. As with most projects, it’s the last details that tend to get put off. While this is my last post on the kitchen project, I’ll try to provide an update when the backsplash is decided on and then installed.

Here you see the custom cherry cabinets with European-style pulls, green granite counters, pendant lights, recessed lights, limestone floors and all new appliances. (I remind you of the original kitchen here.)


Someone asked me what I would do different next time, with the benefit of my experience on this remodel.

Mostly, I would try to educate my parents (or any future clients) as much as possible about the ups and downs of construction, materials and installation methods. And I’d be firm on time limitations for making their decisions..

It’s been about 1 week since we’ve finished the kitchen (again, without the backsplash) and my mom is finally situated in her new space. She likes it very much. But it’s going to take some time to figure out appropriate placing of her kitchenware in all the additional storage space that’s been created now compared to the previous kitchen. And it will take a bit longer to add some personal touches for her to finally feel like it’s her space. She’s getting there day by day. But most importantly, she loves the expanded room and the warmer feel compared to the previous all-white kitchen.

6a00d8341c630a53ef00e54f30ea478834-800wiOf course, now that relatives and family friends are starting to visit for the first time after four months of dust and construction, their positive reaction and input is reassuring my mom that this project was worth the trouble.

Thanks for following along with this story! I’d love to read any comments you care to make, and to answer any questions.

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1 Comment on How I Helped My Parents Remodel Their Kitchen — Part 4

  1. Keith Jenkins

    I think your parents kitchen came out looking fantastic. It should look even better when the backsplashes are added.
    That said, I’m sure that 4 months were a long 4 months. Not only not having a kitchen to use, but having basically strangers in your home every day for 4 months — that would be unsettling for anybody, much less a couple that were very probably very used to their surroundings.
    But, I bet they are very happy that it’s now almost done, and also with the final appearnce.