How long do we live in our houses?

I’ve been concerned for some time that we all move so often. The National Association of Realtors told me recently that we now sell our homes and move an average of every six years, rather than the seven-year statistic we’ve heard quoted so long.

How can we fight for our neighborhoods, for good stewardship of water resources and clean air, for good schools, if we’re moving all the time? How can we hold local politician’s feet to the fire for promises they made if we are gone when they break their promises, or weren’t around when they made them?

I wish we could all stay put longer, and I have a theory that people who are into remodeling stay in their homes longer than average.

As Yale-educated architect John Connell pointed out so well in his book Homing Instinct: Using Your Lifestyle to Design & Build Your Home, people who build or remodel their homes are more connected to the house and thus to the neighborhood and local issues.

Is my theory correct that those of us who remodel stay in our houses longer? Take the poll and help me prove or disprove my theory.

Addendum from Kathy: Based on the poll so far, you have completely disproved my theory that people who remodel live in their homes longer than others. The results of this very unscientific poll indicate that most of us will be moving soon. Very soon. And so that explains to me why people are so concerned about the value of their remodel upon resale. The resale of our houses comes more often than I thought. Thank you for my continuing education!

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