I love a rug in the kitchen . . . but is it practical?


What could be cozier than a rug in the kitchen? It's warm and cherry and softens the hard surfaces in the room.

But, there's a good reason kitchen surfaces are hard: they need to be cleaned of grease and other food-related flying organic matter. And how about food that drops to the floor? Or water that splashes from the sink?

My guess, regarding the kitchen you see above, is that a stylist decided the kitchen looked too bland and brought in a colorful wool carpet for the photo shoot. This happens a lot in magazine photo shoots, and you should realize that not everything you see in a magazine is practical to live with. It's the same idea when skinny actresses get Photoshopped to look even skinnier. It's not real, and it's not something to aspire toward.

(Photo: Ozark Spaces)