Ideas for new home shows: Which would YOU watch?

TvgirlSo the Hollywood writers’ strike is on and we’ve all to do our part, fill in the gap, step up to the plate, pull up our bootstraps and all the other clichés that pop up when there are no real writers on the job.

Some of us on the Pardon Our Dust Blog have come up with ideas for new home shows and I’d like to know:

Which of these potential shows would you be most likely to watch?

The contenders are (in order of submission):

Contractors’ Challenge: This show would be like Designers’ Challenge, but with contractors. I mean, it’s finding a contractor that is so difficult, right? During the show, the homeowners start out with some ideas for the remodel they’d like to do, or complete plans and get presentations from three contractors on how each company would go about creating that remodel. The homeowners choose the contractor they like best and who is most competent, and we follow along to see how the job goes. (KPR)

Cheapskate Remodeling: In this show, homeowners try to do their remodels for the very least amount of money possible. They might have a "cheapskate coach" to help them find salvaged, discontinued, slightly damaged and free items from EBay, Craigslist, the Recycler and the side of the road to put together their remodel. Based on what I’ve discovered from reporting on remodeling for 17 years, I believe this show would be a monumental hit! (KPR)

Dueling Properties: Take two comparable stale home or condo listings in the same, or similar, neighborhoods that just aren’t selling. Bring in two top-gun Realtors with a $5,000 budget and a contractor. Each implements their renovation advice to spruce up the property and make it more appealing. Follow the agents through dealing with the client, marketing, open houses, sales style, and negotiations. See who sells the home first. It’s “Designed to Sell” meets “Top Agents.” (David Kean)

Style Clone: Why just copy a designer room with cheap knock-offs. With the right shopping skills you can copy the look and the quality on a budget. Don’t just copy the fabulous Scalamandre chair fabric; buy the same fabric on EBay. Using Internet shopping and auctions, estate sales, resale furniture stores give someone a “real” high-end designer room at a fantastic price. (David Kean)

Lifestyles of the Rich and Decorated: Remember Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous? Why can’t we have that type of show again? I want to see some super high-end, celebrity and top designer, Mario Buatta & Juan Pablo Molyneux-level designer rooms. (David Kean)

Fright House of Interior Design: This is not really a series idea. I could be a fun charity event and 1-hr special. “Fright House of Interior Design”. Invite several of the country’s top interior designers to design the worst room using passé design trends of the past 5 decades. The rooms need to be bad, but they actually draw you in, like Jerry Springer. Funny, hideous and thought provoking. (David Kean)

Flipper Flops: I’ve seen a lot of tasteless "upgrades" put into houses looking for a quick sell. how many faux Louis XIV dressers converted into bathroom vanities does this world need? How about something showing the tasteless, personality-void, cookie-cutter remodeling excesses of the last few years? Each episode could be dedicated to a particular aspect — bathrooms, flooring, kitchens… (tarbubble)

2 Comments on Ideas for new home shows: Which would YOU watch?

  1. Brenda

    There was a similar show like Style Clone on HGTV called Sensibly Chic.

  2. Jeannie

    I think these are all great ideas, but in all seriousness, I think it is still very important to support the writer’s strike. The writers are at the forefront of challenging the momentous trend of big corporations controlling the content and revenues generated on the internet.