If You had an Extra 16 Grand, This Would Be the Tub to Get

I saw this deep bubbling baby at the International Builders Show in Orlando and all I can say is: Oh my. I want it.

It’s called the “Sok” overflowing bath for two by Kohler, and it has effervescence (bubbles) and chromatherapy (colored lights). It’s deep enough to submerge your shoulders, and if it overflows, well that’s the point. The bubbling waters from the inner tub overflow into the outer tub. See the video.

This is so politically incorrect I don’t know where to begin. The enormous amount of water it would take for one bath? The gas or electric needed to heat that volume of water? The 240 volts of power to amp up those 13 bubble jets? The decadence? What if one had a fireplace in the bathroom? And a flat screen TV? Would you feel compelled to hide those facts from the rest of the world?

I’d like to find out.

2 Comments on If You had an Extra 16 Grand, This Would Be the Tub to Get

  1. sheila

    if you have an “extra” ten grand and want to spend it on water/electricity, how about donating it to one of the myriad programs providing UV water purification systems in third world countries where people are dying of totally preventable water-borne diseases, and getting a $600 tub? this kind of excess is truly disgusting.

  2. Jeannie

    It’s nice, but I would take my clawfoot tub with bubbles any time! Also, I would get paranoid taking a bath in something that could have an eletrical short!