Ikea solution for a ’70s wet bar

Ikeawetbar_2So you’ve got this wet bar in your 1970s house or apartment and it’s screaming for a mirror backing, glass shelves, a collection of cocktail glasses, a faux leather ice bucket with tongs, and fifths of Jack Daniels, Tanquerey and Absolut.

Trouble is, you don’t drink. So what to do with the wet bar?

A Southern California blogger named John posted his solution on a website called Ikea Hacker. On this site, readers send in photos of ways they’ve used Ikea products in unexpected fashion.

In this case, John turned a simple Ikea bookcase into a custom built-in. He installed a tile counter, put Ikea pulls on the bottom cabinet, and added the shelves.

He writes:

“I basically cut up a $39 bookcase added a few left over dowels and fitted it inside my existing opening. The cabinet below houses a rack of my audio equipment. Sounds great, looks great.”

See the blog post.