I’m Not Just Enjoying My Patio, I’m Preventing Disease


Don’t bother me; I’m healing.

Do you ever feel you spend too much time outside enjoying yourself? I do.

While the dishes and laundry and dust are building up inside, I can usually be found outside watching the birds, fiddling with a fountain, pulling weeds, keeping track of my polliwogs and frogs, contemplating the garden, pondering my fall plantings.

And sometimes I feel a tinge of guilt about shirked responsibilities inside the house.

Well, no more. My newest excuse to be outside: I’m preventing disease.

I’m referring to a story in the L.A. Times, Sunshine may be nature’s disease fighter.

Here’s what the article says:

A study released today found that men who are deficient in the so-called sunshine vitamin — Vitamin D — have more than double the normal risk of suffering a heart attack.

Just last week, another study found that low levels of Vitamin D increase the risk of diabetes, and a study last month linked deficiencies to an increased risk of dying from breast cancer.

The findings join a growing body of evidence indicating that an adequate level of the vitamin, which many people can get from 20 minutes in the sun, is crucial to maintaining good health.

So spending time outside is not a vacation from household duties. It a duty to one’s health. Don’t you agree?

(Photo: Kathy Price-Robinson)

1 Comment on I’m Not Just Enjoying My Patio, I’m Preventing Disease

  1. Terry Sprouse

    With this new information in hand, I think we have a moral obligation to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.
    If people wonder where we’ve been or why we haven’t done what we were “supposed” to be doing, we just reply that we have been striking a blow for healthy living!