In a recession, time to amp up the nesting

Loving my new table and chair!I haven’t had a drink of alcohol or any other mood-altering drugs for a long, long time (it’s this addictive personality that’s to blame).

But every now and again, when I get a feeling of total bliss, I think: Ah, this is why I drank. To feel like this.

I’m feeling it now, in my bones, on my skin, deep in my soul: pure joy. Why? Because I’m nesting. Nothing gives me a thrill like nesting — not a new pair of shoes, a great outfit, a super-good-hair day, or even a new car.

All of that pales next to the thrill I feel with, as an example, my new bamboo rugs from World Market. They are 2-feet-by-3-feet and cost $5.99 each. One is brick colored. One is turquoise. And each time I come across them in my house, my heart flutters.

I’m having the same sensation, but on a much bigger level, with my new espresso-colored patio table and chair (shown here). I got these babies last night at Bed, Bath & Beyond. At 50% off, at an end-of-season sale (is summer over? I beg to differ), the table was $45 and the chair was $34. I liked them so much, I went and got another table and three more chairs. Someday, when I get the rest of these assembled, this is going to make a swell patio set.

But, oh, my joy is big today! I’ve wanted a tall patio table for, like, years. But I couldn’t find just the right one. And basically I wanted the quality of a $3,000 set for $150. It never happened. And then I kept missing the end-of-the-season sales, because I’m not much of a shopper and who realizes it’s the end of the season when you’re right in the middle of it?

So, this year, I got lucky. I was actually shopping for window coverings when I came across this set. And darn it, I thought, I’m not going to be able to buy a fancy set any time soon, and I need this NOW!

And here’s why I need it. I work at home. And I’m pretty much self-motivated (that means I’m freelance, no job, no regular paycheck), so I have to feel like working, I have to crave working. Oh sure, I need money. But I need to love my work to get any of it done. And this set, on my patio, is giving me that good old really-wanna-get-to-my-computer-today sensation. Plus, I sprung for a $15 USB cable extender so I’m able to plug my computer into the speakers inside my house and listen to awesome tunes. Etta James is wailing out “Take It to the Limit” at this moment. How appropriate.

So in a way it seems like I’m doing things backward, buying luxury-type stuff when the economy sucks and the very week my beloved Los Angeles Times is laying off some 150 reporters and editors. So tragic, so very sad!

But, I need a good place to live and work and have my being. And if that requires more nesting and a little investment, then damn this recession.