In Remodeling: Emotional Choices, Logical Rationalizations

Perhaps you’ve heard this ditty about the choices we make in life: We choose based on emotion, and then rationalize our choices with logic.

It’s like that with me and claw-foot-style tubs and pedestal sinks. The logic says: bad choice. And a previous posting on this blog brought many well-thought-out comments from readers on why pedestal sinks stink.

Still, I love that jolt to my pulse when I behold a pedestal sink and claw-foot-type tub and frankly I want that jolt on a daily basis.

And so I was happy to read the thoughts of Utah interior designer Anne-Marie Barton in the Salt Lake Tribune, who expressed this opinion:

Vessel sinks and free-standing bathtubs are visually classic choices and actually cost less money in a remodel because tile and countertops do not need to be installed.

For instance, in the Los Angeles bathroom pictured here, the wooden bead board wainscoting is perfectly suitable, whereas a material less susceptible to water damage (tile, fiberglass, stone) would have been needed for a built-in tub installed snug to the wall.

You can still spend a bundle on wall treatments with a free-standing tub. Check out this travertine bonanza I saw not too long ago.

Likewise, the wood counter under the pedestal sinks works here. However, if those sinks were flush to the counter, a more durable countertop, and backsplash, would be necessary. The same could be said for a pedestal sink, which needs no countertop at all.

So for me, this a nice melding of emotion (I like the feeling!) and logic (it saves money!).

Does this money-saving argument hold water?

(Top photo: Los Angeles Times)

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  1. Jeannie

    Point of clarification: Is this a pedestal sink or a basin sink? I thought a pedestal sink was one of those that includes a ceramic base from the ground.