Indoor air polluted by paint fumes? Not for me, thank you

This paint has no VOCs. A low-VOC paint might have 100 grams of VOCs per gallon, while the norm is around 350 grams/gallon or more.So I asked the guys at my local paint store about no-VOC and low-VOC paints. As you may know, VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, but you could also call them volatile chemical compounds. They are emitted as gases from paints and glues and sealants and other products and make people sick. Or, as the EPA puts it, VOCs cause adverse health effects.

I wanted none of that in the paint for my kitchen.

The paint guys kind of stammered a little and then told me all paints in California are low-VOC, and don’t worry about it, the smell goes away in just a few days or weeks.

Well, honestly, it’s not so much the smell I’m worried about. It’s the toxic chemicals that regular paints and other standard building materials emit into the air. All things considered, and especially because my doctor wants me to strengthen my immune system, I’d rather not expose my body to any more toxins than I have to.

So that’s why it was such a pleasant experience when I asked the tatooed young woman at OSH about no-VOC paint and she immediately directed me to the Dutch Boy paints that not only have no VOCs (see label above) but are verified by Green Seal, a highly respected third-party verification standard for green products.

Other paints verified by Green Seal include: Benjamin Moore’s EcoSpec Interior line, Frazee Paint’s EnviroKote Interior Low Odor Acrylic Interior line and Olympic Paint and Stain’s Zero-VOC Olympic Premium Interior line.

See the whole list.