Inmates Help Remodel Police Department

G13c00060c858f0f2c7e699b24a4a98b289eaa696eb66c5Extensive renovations to much of the Marshfield (Mass.) Police Department’s interior, which took place from April to July, included a complete remodel of the building’s lobby, dispatch area and records room.

The months of full-time labor that it took for those projects to come together was completed at virtually no cost to the taxpayer, said Lt. Paul Taber, who helped the town link up with Project Labor, which is a Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department program that puts inmates to work for municipalities.

“We estimate the labor on the dispatch area alone saved us over $100,000,” said Taber, who on Dec. 7 met with several town officials at the police department to show them the recent work that had been completed. Sheriff Joseph McDonald Jr., corrections officers and the five inmates who volunteered their services were all on hand for the occasion.

“The town just pays for the materials and they go to work,” said sheriff department spokeswoman Sara Lavoie, who added that there was one small catch to the arrangement. “They just have to buy the whole crew lunch every day.”

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