Is climate change threatening home foundations?

From the New York Times:

Steven Derse, the owner of a corporate travel business in Nashville, cannot feel his house move, but he can hear it. “It’s an eerie creaking sound,” he said, and it echoes throughout his two-story Georgian-style house.

It started two years ago when a severe drought contracted the soil beneath the foundation, which caused it to crack and sink, pulling the house down with it. The noise has continued intermittently, becoming more insistent last year when flooding pushed the already compromised foundation and house back upward.

This seesawing effect was noisy and expensive. Mr. Derse has spent more than $10,000 to install subterranean piers to stabilize his foundation, and he expects he will have to install more to prevent further cracking and crumbling. “You lose your sense of security,” he said. “You love your home and then it literally turns on you.”

Photo Caption: The soil under the home of Psonya Wilson has required some major work and repairs. The two-story garden style house in Brandon, Miss., has required the installation of stabilization piers to shore up the foundation.

Photo Credit: James Patterson for The New York Times

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3 Comments on Is climate change threatening home foundations?

  1. Remodeling Austin

    Kathy- great article. But I think fluctuating temperatures affect foundations more than climate change ( global warming? )

  2. Tim Wilson

    Flooding and drying are tough on a house, but when extremes like this happen as in the case of the story, things start to move in “destruction” mode.
    That’s got to be tough watching and even listening to your house move and fall apart. My heart goes out to them, and one of the best things that a person can do is find someone with good experience in this area.

  3. Micheal

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