Is it a kitchen? Or a sculpture?

Stevenson1_2If you’ve got some extra cash in your jeans, you could do worse that giving yourself a kitchen remodel that’s also an artwork, like this beauty I visited in San Luis Obispo. The owner is a collector of local art, and works with the local art museum, so it was natural for her to hire a Cal Poly graduate, artist and architect Bruce Tomb, and Atascadero green builder Turko Semmes to create a masterpiece.

Stevenson2_2Some fun facts: The yellow around the stove, including the walls and ceiling under the soffit, is Corian. The shelf unit on the right is steel, with one side holding up the counter and kitchen sink and the other side serving as a bookcase and entertainment center for the family room. The stainless steel bands on the ceiling show where walls were removed, and the metal post on the left has a structural as well as a decorative purpose.

The room could seem cold, but the Douglas fir cabinetry, a natural cork floor and a wall of windows at one end, open to the garden and mountain views, make this a feel-good space.

Your thoughts on it?

(Photos: Bruce Tomb)

4 Comments on Is it a kitchen? Or a sculpture?

  1. Kathy Price-Robinson

    You’re so right about the photos, Shelle. Next time I’ll make sure I have clearer photos before I post a remodel. Thank you!

  2. Shelle

    I’m not honestly sure. I wish we had a feel of the whole expereince. I can’t see the view and it looks dark. I can imagine it could be a wonderful sunny kitchen and it’s modernism could be the perfect minimalistic background to a fabulous garden and view. But we don’t see that. It does feel 70s but that might not be bad under the right architecture.
    I hope next time take more pictures from several wide angles (I love my Kodak P880 for this) and light it up. If night is when it strikes the best cord shoot at night – get that great shot that sells.

  3. Terri

    It isn’t to my personal taste. The clear stained cabinets and sparse modernity certainly do recall the 70’s kitchen I grew up in…

  4. Mike

    This looks like cr*p. Why would anyone redo their kitchen like a bad 70’s kitchen? Might as well have formica countertops.