Is This Wall Insulated? Infrared Camera Solves the Mystery

Looking at the wall below, or a wall in your home, you may wonder: Is it insulated? Short of tearing down the drywall/sheetrock to have a look, how will you know?

Infrared camera
An infrared camera, which measures temperature, tells the tale, as you can see below.

Infrared camera
The upper part of this wall, the part that is dark blue, has empty cavities between the studs. There is no insulation there.

If you are concerned about your energy costs, and your comfort in your home, and the durability of your home, you might wish to find out what’s going on in your house durng what’s called an “energy audit.”

During the procedure, which takes several hours, an auditor certified or accredited by BPI or RESNET will bring an infrared camera to detect the problem areas in your home. Other tests involve the ducts that carry heated or air conditioned air throughout your home, appliances, lighting and other issues.

At the end, you’re given a list of recommendations that you can tackle to make your house a better house to live in and to save yourself money.

David Valley made the video where I found these images.