It’s a Man’s Toilet

Ever notice how designer toilets are so curvy and sensuous?

Not this toilet, by Toto, which is going in the opposite direction. It’s big. It’s solid. It’s angular. It’s a man’s toilet.

This toilet was included in a “gentleman’s retreat” bathroom, designed by Christy Schneider of Mariposa Design Group in Dana Point, and featured on the Kitchen + Bath Business website.

The masculine room also includes marble and brick walls, a marble floor, a great big shower (of course) and (perhaps surprisingly) a great big hydrotherapy whirlpool tub.

1 Comment on It’s a Man’s Toilet

  1. montana jones

    That toilet seat still doesn’t look like it has enough room for placement of the dangling appendage. When will designers learn that toilets should not be designed for those of the female persuasion?