It’s not Just a Shower, It’s an Experience

You know what’s needed during a stressful remodel? A shower experience!

This new offering from Kohler is so over-the-top decadent that, well, it demands to be tried out.

The Kohler DTV custom showering experience combines water flow and temperature, chromatherapy (colored lights), sound, and steam mist with aromatherapy to create individual showering experiences.

Let’s say you’ve had a horrendous day followed by a tough drive home and you want to get relaxed and rejuvenated for a dinner party. Would a few minutes in a tropical rain forest help? Set the water to fall like rain, the lights to pulse greens and blues, the speakers to play bird songs and the mist to emit the scent of tropical flowers. I feel more relaxed just thinking about it.

Or, in the morning when you want to get pumped up for a sales presentation, set the water to blast out like a torrent, the lights to pulse reds and oranges, the speakers to play Aerosmith, and the mist to emit the smell of blood. Just kidding on that last one.

It’s a little hard to tell how much all this costs. Like most elements of remodeling, you have to get a price for the exact configuration you want. There’s the rough plumbing, the fixtures, water ports, sound panels, controls, interfaces and goodness knows what else. I saw one at the Builder’s Show costing $20,000 for a totally custom shower with swanky tile. But I assume the components could run $5,000 or $10,000.

What you’ve got to remember is that it’s therapy, and therapy is expensive.

1 Comment on It’s not Just a Shower, It’s an Experience

  1. sheila

    sorry, but i gotta say it: at least therapy doesn’t waste thousands of gallons of scarce water resources. you could do all this rejuvenating stuff with dimmed lights, a glass of wine, a small nosegay of fresh flowers and 30 minutes of relaxing while listening to your favorite CD – all while the water is off.
    these “luxury” water-hogs are totally unethical. like i said before, $20,000 would go a long way towards providing clean drinking water for thousands of villagers in India. helping others is one of the most consistently effective ways of lifting clinical depression symptoms, so wouldn’t saving those lives be more therapeutic than the narcissistic excesses of features like this?