Jay Leno’s on board with bird-friendly, neighborhood-friendly wind turbines

PacwindGot wind? I love the idea of harnessing that clean power. But when I found out that many wind farms are set in the paths of migratory birds and that the turbines kill scores of birds annually, well, my support of the technology dried up.

Plus, those giant windmills are pretty much a nonstarter for individual residences. Imagine a loud whoop-whoop-whoop coming from your neighbor’s roof. Not.

So I was happy to see vertically oriented wind turbines, sold by PacWind in Torrance, that are not only said to be friendly to birds, but also are appropriate for use in urban areas. Ed Begley Jr., star of Living With Ed, is a spokesman for the company and points out that PacWind turbines are silent and compatible with solar power and grid-tied systems.

And now Jay Leno, whose green garage is featured in Popular Mechanics, installed a PacWind turbine to help with his garage’s massive energy needs.

The smallest unit offered by PacWind is the Seahawk, pictured. It is 30 inches wide and 48 inches tall, costs about $3,000 and can be used for homes, boats, buildings, lighting, emergency power and remote power, such as an automatic gate at the end of a long driveway.

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What do you think? Would you invest in a wind turbine for your home?

3 Comments on Jay Leno’s on board with bird-friendly, neighborhood-friendly wind turbines

  1. Jeff Bach

    Today, May 27th at 5:07 CST I called Pacwind’s office and had a very nice LIVE CONVERSATION with one of their employees who picked up the phone, identified herself as a Pacwind employee and proceeded to explain that while they are sold out of product for the next few months, they are STILL IN BUSINESS. Get your FACTS straight before your rumor mongering gets you in trouble….

  2. Den

    I tried to purchase a system from Pacwind. I contacted the distributor they provided in NY. They don’t have one in NJ.
    I live in NJ and now I’m out $12,400 because their distributor stole our money and Pacwind dissolved the company PacWind Technology LLC the company that hired the distributor so they have no responsibility and it is my problem.
    Jay and Ed should really watch who they allow to use their names because this company is going to drag them through the mud

  3. Yehuda Draiman, Energy Analyst

    A more efficient and cost effective renewable energy system is needed.
    To accelerate the implementation of renewable electric generation with added incentives and a FASTER PAYBACK — ROI. (A method of storing energy, would accelerate the use of renewable energy) A greater tax credit, accelerated depreciation and pay as you save utility billing.
    In California, you also have the impediment, that when there are an interruption of power supply by the Utility you the consumer cannot use your renewable energy system to provide power.
    In today’s technology there is automatic switching equipment that would disconnect the consumer from the grid, which would permit renewable generation for the consumer even during power interruption.
    Jay Draiman, Northridge, CA