Joni’s Condo Kitchen Remodel: A Little Snag in Setting Tile

Patti here. I’m helping my friend and fellow nurse Joni with the update of her condo kitchen.

We were supposed to be laying the backsplash tile this week, but we hit a little snag. Well, it’s a time snag more than anything else, probably costing a week and $100.

As it turns out, we need to move the light sockets and switches up the wall for the tile to be set straight across and without a lot of cutting. A handyman came out today, and he thought he could do the job. He’ll also run a wire up the inside of the wall so Joni can hang a pendant light over the eating bar, and he’ll fix a fan/light in the kitchen that Joni hasn’t been able to use for a couple of years.

We’ll have to get the tile up next week because I’ll be camping for a week after that and our time will run out. At first Joni was not sure we could lay the tile ourselves, but perhaps because we’ve had so much success with the painting and other projects she feels more confident in our abilities.

Also, Joni decided to get a tall contemporary dining room table with bar-height chairs to replace the big oak table and hutch she’s had for years. We discovered that oak sets like this sell for only $250 or so on Craigslist, so Joni might take hers to the local consignment shop (where she found her tall table) so that she doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of potential buyers coming over to the house.

Stay tuned. We’re almost done!