Joni’s Condo Kitchen Remodel: Loving the Glazed Green Top Coat!

Hi, Patti here with an update.

My friend Joni and I have decided to paint all of her cabinets green but leave some chocolate brown (base color) for relief on the kick plates and in a couple of mid-sections on the top cabinets.

Painting the bottom cabinets first gave us a feel for how the green would settle on Joni’s eyes. As it turns out, we love, love, love it!

We fortunately have a short workday tomorrow, which will afford us some quality sanding time on the top cabinets, maybe get the primer on and then go shopping for backsplash tile.

Joni saw some tile in a small shop that she really likes and wants my input on. She’s attracted to stone. It will be interesting. I think stone sort of dates the kitchen, but ya’ know what? It’s HER kitchen. If she loves it, that’s what’s important

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post our prime choices for you.

Thanks for checking in on us!

The budget so far:

Budget: $1,000


Sanding sponge: $5.38
OSH track lighting: $54.65
Paint: $48.44
Paint containers: $6.02
Polyurethane and brush: $36.61
Sandpaper: $11.45

Balance left to spend: $837.45