Joni’s Condo Kitchen Remodel: Virtual Backsplash Tile

As Joni waits for her new backsplash tile to be delivered, and we all wait to see how it will look installed, clever reader Mike did some computer magic to show us the end result.

Above, on the right, you can see a representation of what Joni’s tile might look like up on the wall.

Also, Mike suggests a mustardy wall color instead of the cream or terra cotta colors being considered.

Thank you, Mike!

(Photos: Kathy Price-Robinson; photo illustration: Mike Johnson)

1 Comment on Joni’s Condo Kitchen Remodel: Virtual Backsplash Tile

  1. Patti

    Patti here-thank you bloggers for your comments!!! I agree that the terra cotta color is dated and feels old and overused. It was difficult for me to put the feeling I got when looking at it into words but you did it so well. Joni agrees, by the way.
    We currently have a cool shade of creme on the wall; something Joni already had. We’ll leave it up until the tile goes up, which should be very soon. It delivers within the next two days. Yeah!!!!!!!! Joni and I will get a few pointers from the tile store on installation. That, accompanied by the knowledge from my one hour tile laying demo with POD Kathy and alot of kutspah should make us either “experts” or in big trouble. I’ll keep you posted!
    Mike, I LOVE your suggestion of mustard walls and will consider that. Thank you for your virtual end product. That was pretty cool and was the final nail in the coffin for the terra cotta walls.