Kim Myles: Do you like her show now?

Kathy's Remodeling BlogYesterday we saw another segment of Kim Myles’ new HGTV show “Myles of Style” and I’m wondering: Do you like it now?

So far here, we’ve had more negative than positive comments.

Carmen wrote: “I think the show stunk with lack of know-how and class.” (Read full comment)

Keri wrote about the first episode: “Off white, silver, red, mint green, teal blue. Blech! I hope the next episode is a little better or perhaps I’m just too conservative.” (Read full comment)

RLS wrote: “Maybe she ‘choked’ the first time out. The final product was really bizarre. I wish her better luck next time.” (Read full comment)

And today, Jennifer wrote: “If I see another tacky color scheme with cheap-looking painting stripes I may just have to read several design magazines to get that bad taste out of my mouth!” (Read full comment)

So now I’m wondering what’s wrong with me. I missed the first show, but since then, I like what I’ve seen and wish I had the courage and creativity to do what Kim does. Did you see the portable side table made from a luggage rack and a spray-painted cookie sheet? Sweet!

What do you think?