Kitchen design for those who actually cook

Kitchendesignringohwchu4times_2Not everyone who remodels a kitchen will do much cooking in it. For some, the kitchen "work triangle" consists of the freezer, the microwave and the trash compactor.

But if you actually cook, you may be interested in Los Angeles certified kitchen designer Don Silvers, who offers two unique services:

• If you have your kitchen already designed, Silvers will review your plans in his Design Assurance Program. He writes: "I’ll evaluate your appliances, cabinetry, small-appliance storage, flow patterns and whether you have enough usable counter space. The analysis is based on an in-depth questionnaire and phone conversations so your kitchen is specifically tailored to the personal needs, habits and cooking styles of you and your family."

• Or, if you are at the starting point, he will design your kitchen according to the principles in his book Kitchen Design With Cooking in Mind, and then, when the kitchen is done, come over and cook a gourmet dinner for you and your friends to demonstrate how to use all your fancy appliances.

That was the happy scene not too long ago in Judy and Dan Amsler’s Hancock Park kitchen (pictured above), which Silvers designed for a flat fee of $5,000 plus the cost of the drawings. This was reported on by Janet Eastman in The Times’ Home Section. Afterward, he and the couple prepared a four-course meal that included sea bass, mushroom-and-pine-nut lentils, jicama salad and a cheese dish. They learned in the process the proper uses of their DCS stove, Sub-Zero refrigerator and Miele dishwasher, and even how to treat their granite counters.

It seems to me just the thought of a meal like that could help one survive the trauma of a kitchen remodel.

(Photo: Ringo H.W. Chu / For The Times)

2 Comments on Kitchen design for those who actually cook

  1. BAM

    I downloaded this book after reading about it here and give it an overall thumbs up at the download price of around $15.00. However, it wouldn’t be tops on my list at the dead trees price ($30 plus $5 shipping if ordered online).
    Most example drawings showed larger kitchens than mine could ever be: Nearly all had room for an island. In that sense the book was not on target for me. However, it made up for that by validating my sense of dissatisfaction with the work triangle concept and giving me an alternative kitchen design meme, namely flow.

  2. susan

    Don Silvers is a master in our industry. Hands-on, is an understatement for him. Nice job!