Kitchen design with the dogs in mind

When you have five big dogs, you need a place to take care of them.Here’s what I need: an entirely separate room for my Newfoundland mix Zeus — to bathe and dry him, feed and water him, and give him the high self-esteem a dog gets with his own space.

This story, in the Hartford (Conn.)Courant, is about a kitchen remodel in which half the space was given over to the needs of soap opera writer Megan McTavish’s five Bernese mountain dogs, a breed I totally love.

I know, I know, we’re supposed to be scaling down our homes, not adding dog rooms. But as a dog nut, I can’t fault this.

From the article:

"The dog room has a bank of Shaker-style cabinets that organize all the dog supplies. There’s one drawer just for leashes, another for grooming supplies, still another for dog bowls. There’s storage space for towels, and recycling pull-out cabinetry. Instead of plastic bottles and glass jars, the cabinets house bins of dog food."

And: "In one corner of the room is a raised grooming bathtub and a fold-away grooming table. The floor was tiled for easy clean-up and durability, and portions of the walls near the tub were tiled as well so they can easily be wiped down when the dogs shake after a bath."

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  1. lil_gaucha

    good lord, five berners!
    I hope she has a strong vacuum cleaner!