Know any good contractors?

Have you used a Southern California remodeling contractor who deserves a shout-out, someone you would recommend to your neighbors?

If so, please post a comment. Tell us:

— What is the name and city of the contractor who did your remodel?
— What kind of job did the contractor do for you? Kitchen? Bath? Etc.
— How did the job go?
— What is this contractor’s best quality?
— What traits are most important in a remodeling contractor?

Also, if you’re looking for a good Southern California remodeling contractor, post your city and the type of job you want done, and perhaps other readers will come up with some names for you.

5 Comments on Know any good contractors?

  1. Kathy Price-Robinson

    Steve, I’m not allowed to make references for contractors. But I would like to coach you through this. A couple of questions: What is your budget? What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to tear everything out and start over? Or do you want to simply replace some countertops, fixtures and flooring? Let’s start with that.

  2. Steve

    I’m interested in remodeling a condo in Santa Monica, specifically 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. So many questions, but the main ones are: (1) who’s good in this area? (2) is this the type of thing I need a permit from the city for? Any advice or resources would be great!

  3. Kathy Price-Robinson

    Karen, your time frame for the remodel is pretty short, only two months.
    For a major kitchen remodel, and two bathrooms, the construction itself could last that long if the workers started today. And typically, good remodeling firms will need some lead time to get everything coordinated before construction starts. And they might even have to wait a few months to start if they are busy.
    My suggestion is that you ask your friends and associates for the name of a good kitchen shop. Often, if you buy your cabinets from such a shop, you can get the design as part of the package, and because they specialize in kitchens and baths, they may be able to respond sooner than would a contractor who does new homes, additions, second stories, etc.
    If you know any good real estate agents, ask them for a recommendation on a kitchen shop. Real estate agents usually know who’s good and who’s not in the neighborhood.

  4. Karen Leung

    Please let me know if you can recommend a good remodeling contractor for a kitchen and 2 bathrooms. We would like the job done prior to moving into the property which is by middle of July. The house is in Alhambra, CA. Thank you!

  5. Donald C Brabston

    I know of several contractors I’d recommend, depending on the type of work you want done. They all work in the South Bay area; I’m not sure how far from there they would be willing to go.
    – general contracting: Garry Harrod: he did a deck for us; he only works on a time & materials basis, but his original estimate was accurate and reasonable
    – painting: Marcelo Bermudez; he painted the interior of the downstairs of our house; he was reliable, quick, did excellent work, and he was very neat and cleaned up completely
    General traits I want in a contractor (in decreasing order of importance):
    excellent quality work, honest, responsible/reliable, accurate/comprehensive estimates, cleans up thoroughly, reasonable cost.