Laundry Rooms of the Rich and Famous — Their Secret

Larry David Laundry
So I’m sitting here watching HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” with Larry David, one of my many guilty pleasures, and Larry is in one of his typical fixes. He’s offered to let the residents of a battered women’s shelter use his washer and dryer when theirs has gone on the fritz. Of course, if you know Larry, you know he made this generous offer to make up for being such a jerk in previous interactions.

So in the scene of my great revelation, one of the battered women is loading up the washing machine in the laundry room of Larry’s house (you could call it a mansion) and he’s rudely suggesting that she’s way too big and mean to have been battered.

And that’s when I looked beyond the faux drama unfolding on the screen to the appliances in the background and I realized: Wow! There are two washers and two dryers!

Larry David Laundry
My mind exploded! Can you do that? Is that legal? Who ever thought of having two sets of laundry room appliances? In a home? I once interviewed a woman in Malibu who had two dryers, but that’s because she said she had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and had to wash pretty much everything in the house everyday.

But having two of each actually looks feasible. With the stacking front-loading units, they take up the same floor space as one set. And if they are newish and super energy- and water-efficient, the two sets probably use less energy and water than one set of older units.

The implications are immense.

In my house, that would mean I or my husband could get a week’s worth of laundry done in a few hours, rather than it becoming a daylong marathon.

Plus, we could each do laundry at the same time. In fact, we could each have custody of one pair of appliances so that we’d never have to keep checking to see if the washer was finally free. Think of the family harmony.

Of course, Larry and his peers would likely never know this kind of glee. But I”m sure their housekeepers have a swell time in these awesome rich people’s laundry rooms. And I feel happy about that.

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  1. Scott

    I guess having a set of washers and dryers could actually save time. But the washer and dryer I currently have already work way faster than our old ones. So I guess it’s just up to the person if they want two of each or not.