Love, Love, Loving This Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen
I’ll tell a word that really annoys me: Neutral. Could there be anything more boring? Yet you’ll see people walking through a boring house and remarking: “Love the neutral colors.” And I’m like: “What’s to love?”

I guess I’m a little more radical than some. I like COLORS! This green kitchen rocks my world. And it’s not just the paint that’s green. It’s the countertops and the backsplash tile as well. See a gorgeous slide show of the kitchen designed by Ken Kelly.

Oh, I can already hear the detractors. Here are the common arguments against a bold kitchen like this, and my answers to them:

Detractor: This color will look dated in a few years.

Kathy: It’s green, for goodness sake. It’s the color of nature. How could it get old? And really, we’re losing so much of our green planet each day to corporate sins and overpopulation. I predict that green will continue to be a color we crave.

Detractor: Not everybody likes this color and it will hurt your resale value.

Kathy: True. But not everybody will be buying your house. You only need one buyer to like it. And how long do you plan to live there? The housing market will take years, maybe decades to recover. So where are you going? If you’re staying put, make your house the way you like it. Life is short.

Detractor: You may tire of this color in a few years and want something quieter.

Kathy: And? So you redo the kitchen. Big wow! We all have changing tastes. We all mature, and then regress. What are we supposed to do, sit on our hands until the day of our funeral? No, live now people! This is your time.

1 Comment on Love, Love, Loving This Green Kitchen

  1. Kelly

    Sure, it might date. Sure the color isn’t for everyone. But you might as well enjoy your life in your own home. (Also, that’s my mantra: You only need one buyer.)
    I remember designing our family showroom with periwinkle blue cabinets. Oh, the flack we got!
    It was the most successful display we ever had.
    How’s that other saying go? Try to please everyone, and you’ll end up pleasing no one.